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Time to shake off that tryptophan-induced Thanksgiving coma and MOVE! And what better way to get inspired to move than by doing what we Cherries love to do best- dance?

There are thousands of dance movies out there. Some fantastic. Some heartbreaking. Some…. cringe-worthy. But here are just five of my favorites, which have brought me to tears (or tears of ridiculous laughter in some cases). Either way, they always make me want to get up and DANCE.

I’ll start with a heavy hitter: Pina (2011). Rotten Tomatoes says: “Pina is an immersive, gorgeously shot tribute to the people who express life through movement.” I couldn’t agree more. Be prepared to be very affected by this unbelievable film. It honestly changed my outlook on dancing and even on life.

And after that emotional drenching, you should be ready for a guilty pleasure: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (1985). This is a silly, fun quintessentially 80’s movie. The dancing isn’t even all that particularly good  (SJP was more of a gymnast than a dancer, but they did what they could), but again it’s just fun.

All I Do

ACB’s performing Singin’ in the Rain inspired number

Now it’s time for a classic: Singin’ in the Rain (1952). I could fill up a list of Gene Kelly movies alone, but this one is a masterpiece. Funny, smart, and such aesthetically pleasing dancing that your eyes (and feet) will thank you.

If you’re looking for a truly wonderful movie that will charm you and make you both laugh and cry, Billy Elliot (2000) is the way to go. This one tugs easily on my heartstrings every time.

And finally, something fluffy to round us out: Burlesque (2010). This one falls into the (very full) category of Movies Created With The Sole Purpose of Showcasing Celebrities/Stars And Their Singing or Dancing Prowess But Have Little Other Redeeming Value Whatsoever (see also: Honey, Stomp the Yard). But I do love this one, whether it be for the gratuitous diva songs or the fabulous showgirl costumes. And of course, I HAD to include this one in my list.

Why? Because your very own Atomic Cherry Bombs are currently working on performing a number from this very movie at our January 10th Cinema Burlesque Show! Don’t miss it (or our TWO brand new routines coming up at our December 11th Tease the Season Show)!

And finally, a great montage of movie dance scenes to REALLY get you up and moving. Come on, let’s shake it!

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