Springtime Nails with a Cherry!


This post brought to you by the lovely Daisy Fire!
What you’ll need:
-Polish remover
-Base & top coat
-White polish (or some neutral base)
-Two or three color polishes
-Make-up sponge
-Small brush or q-tip
Step 1: Paint your base coat (my favorite is Orly Bonder).
Step 2: Paint your nails white. The whiter the nail, the brighter the colors will appear. I like to do two coats of white.
Step 3: Take your makeup sponge. Paint a layer of one color and overlap with another color. Like so:
Step 4: Line up the painted sponge to the edge of your nail, like so:
Roll across the nail once or twice and then dab the sponge a few times. The first coat will be opaque:IMG_4844
Let the nail dry for a few minutes in between coats.
Step 5:  Reload the sponge with more polish. Roll and dab again. Keep this process going until you have your desired look.
Step 6: Cover with a top coat. Sally Hanson Insta-Dri is my favorite.
And TA-DA! Ombre nails! Get creative with it!
Nails complete

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